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crank! releases:
crc000    VITREOUS HUMOR 7 inch
crc001    DAISIES 7 inch
crc002    BOYS LIFE / VITREOUS HUMOR split 7 inch
crc003    THE VITREOUS HUMOR EP 10 inch / CDep
crc004    BOYS LIFE self titled LP / CD
crc005    BOYS LIFE / CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE split 10 inch
crc006    MINERAL "The Power Of Failing" LP / CD
crc007    HAYWOOD / MARINER NINE split 7 inch
crc008    SILVER SCOOTER "Cup & String" 7 inch
crc009    UNI-V 7 inch
crc010    UNCRUSH "Was Ever Being So Born To Calamity?" 7 inch
crc011    VARIOUS ARTISTS "(don't forget to) breathe"Double LP (12 inch + 10 inch) / CD
crc012    THE REGRETS "Directions, Results Beat Boasts" LP / CD
crc013    MINERAL / JIMMY EAT WORLD / SENSE FIELD split 7 inch
crc014    CURSIVE "Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes" LP / CD
crc015    ACROBAT DOWN 7 inch
crc016    VITREOUS HUMOR "Posthumous" CD
crc017    FAR APART "Hazel" 7 inch
crc018    SILVER SCOOTER / CURSIVE split 10 inch
crc019    THE VEHICLE BIRTH "Tragedy" LP / CD
crc020    MINERAL "&Serenading" 7 inch
crc021    MINERAL "EndSerenading" LP / CD
crc023    FIRESIDE "Uomini Donore" LP / CD
crc024    FIRESIDE "Fantastic Four" CD
crc025    THE GLORIA RECORD self titled Ep LP / Cdep
crc026    THE GLORIA RECORD "Grace the Snow is Here" 7 inch
crc027    SILVER SCOOTER / CURSIVE split Cdep
crc029    SUNDAY'S BEST "Where You Are Now" Cdep
crc030    ERRORTYPE:11 "The Crank Ep" Cdep
crc031    JONAH'S ONELINEDRAWING "Sketchy Ep #1"
crc032    THE GLORIA RECORD "A Lull In Traffic" Cdep
crc033    FIRESIDE "Hello Kids" CD
crc034    JUPITHER "It's Planetary" Cdep
crc035    VARIOUS ARTISTS "Stay Tuned For The Holidays - a crank! sampler CD
crc036    THE ICARUS LINE "Mono" CD
crc037    THE GET SET "Down Marriott Lane!" CD
crc038    NEVA DINOVA self-titled CD
crc039    LAST DAYS OF APRIL "Ascend to the Stars" CD
crc040    BRIGHT EYES / NEVA DINOVA "One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels" CDep
crc041    NEVA DINOVA "The Hate Yourself Changes" CD

also available from crank!:
sg001     VARIOUS ARTISTS "It's All Good, Man"