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THE REGRETS: "New Directions, Results Beat Boasts"
LP / CD (crc012)
Released: May 1997

01  Ursura, Ursury
02  Play With Yourself Until You Faint
03  I Have The Tools
04  Inflated Passions
05  For My Billy Faulkner
06  Ode To Barton Fink
07  India Ink
08  You Are Not The Last Scholar
09  A Sick Man's Grief
10  Lance The Proverbial Boil
11  When Holidays Were Happenings

Recorded in Chicago by Bob Weston from December 20 to 23, 1996

After the breakup of beloved Kansas indie-rock band Vitreous Humor, three-quarters of the band almost immediately began playing under the name The Regrets, but their approach was markedly different to their previous band. With the loss of one guitar in the mix, The Regrets didn't have a wall of distortion to hide behind, and the resulting songs were equally tense.
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