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SUNDAY'S BEST: "Where You Are Now"
Cdep (crc029)
Released: May 1999

01  Too Soon To Laugh
02  Red Herring
03  You Did This
04  Truest Youlisten[real audio]
05  Tracing Paper
06  Instead, He Falls
07  Homing Device

Recorded by Sunday's Best from November 1998 to January 1999.

Debut EP from one of the most talented bands to emerge from the Southern California indie scene. Call it a snapshot of Sunday's Best "The Early Years". Recorded initially as demos for a crank! split 10-inch release but wisely released as a CDep. SB translates onto record as intricate layers of woven sound with sparse, yet meandering melodies. Recorded, engineered (and featuring) Thomas Ackerman, former front-man of dissonant pop-rock heroes Skiploader.
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