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FIRESIDE: "Hello Kids"
CD (crc033)
Released: October 2000

01  Beautiful Island, Ugly Nativeslisten[real audio]
02  Silver Muscle Car
03  Big Blue Elephant
04  Street Love
05  A Week At The Most
06  Fox
07  Beautiful Tan
08  Headacher
09  What Cures The Polio
10  Love Is All We Got
11  Ambulance
12  Cement
13  Not In My Palace
14  In Place
15  Sorry
16  Drop My Shoulder
17  Someone Spitting
18  Valid Set
19  Slacklisten[mp3]
20  Down
21  Sorry
This collection of unreleased tracks and b-sides is a must for any fan of Fireside and aggressive alterna post-punk. These are the songs they wrote pre-Grammy. More driving, more rocking, but with the same Fireside attraction that you love. Like Quicksand dancing with Nirvana.
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