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VITREOUS HUMOR: "Posthumous"
CD (crc016)
Released: March 1998

01  My Midget
02  Why Are You So Mean To Me?
03  Speaking Tube
04  Science Has No Soul
05  Tough Women
06  Fashion Anyway
07  Foster Oregon
08  The Landslide Dies
09  Sharin' Stone
10  Our Lady Of The Highway
11  Good Things Come To Those In Small Packages (by THE REGRETS)

* 1 recorded January 1997 at Kingsize Studios in Chicago with Dave Trumfio.
* 2, 4, 6 & 9 recorded in early 1994 at Red House Studios in Lawrence, KS with EJ Rose
* 3, 5 & 7 recorded live in early 1997 at Red House Studios in Lawrence, KS with EJ Rose
* 5 & 12 recorded in early 1996, live in the studio at KLZR (105.9 The Lazer) in Lawrence, KS
* 10 recorded in early 1996, live at Grenada Theatre in Lawrence, KS
* 11 recorded in the summer of 1997, live at the KLZR studios.

The aptly titled posthumous release from indie-rock pioneers Vitreous Humor. A flagship band that still has it's hand in influencing new waves of rockers. If you haven't heard "Why Are You So Mean To Me?" yet, put on your seatbelt. This is the hit rock song that got away (even though Nada Surf made a fine attempt at turning it into a hit with their own personal version). Also, you've got to hear gems like "Sharin' Stone" and "Science Has No Soul". This band DEFINITELY knew how to write a song!
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