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THE GET SET: "Down Marriott Lane!"
CD (crc037)
Released: January 8, 2002

01  best friend (i was about to be)listen[mp3]
02  make it happen
03  thin
04  i feel freelisten[real audio]
05  big nothing
06  number one
07  oceanlisten[real audio]
08  the royal circle
09  forever
10  everybody hides a face

Produced, recorded and mixed by Rob Laufer at Wild Hamster, Los Angeles, CA, 2001.
Mastered by Mark Chalecki at Capitol Studios & Mastering, Hollywood, CA, 2001.

The Get Set is a pop/rock band in the truest sense of the words. Their musical influences are a virtual who’s who of Brit Pop including the Small Faces, The Who, The Kinks, Curtis Mayfield, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, The La's and Paul Weller, among others. By no means unoriginal or retro, and happily American, the band's love for sixties English rock, R&B and northern soul can be felt in their easy going attitude, infectiously happy music, look and amazing live show.
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