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VARIOUS ARTISTS: "(don't forget to) breathe"
Double LP (12 inch + 10 inch) / CD (crc011)
Released: January 1997

01  FIRESIDE: Headacher
02  SILVER SCOOTER: Pumpkin Eyeslisten[real audio]
03  THE PROMISE RING: Pink Chimneys
04  GRANDER: 88 Cubic Meters
06  HOT WATER MUSIC: Elektralisten[real audio]
07  VITREOUS HUMOR: The Whisper Twinslisten[real audio]
08  PROZAC MEMORY: Mapmaker
09  KNAPSACK: Less Thanlisten[real audio]
10  ROADSIDE MONUMENT: A Spanish Trail
11  MINERAL: Rubber Legslisten[real audio]
13  DRIVE LIKE JEHU: Bullet Train To Vegas (Live)
14  UNI-V: Murder Is For Everyone
15  BOYS LIFE: Sight Unseen (Live)
16  ETHEL MESERVE: Calba's Last
17  UNCRUSH: Nap
01  Recorded by Pelle Henricsson at Tonteknik Recording
02  Recorded by John Croslin in Austin, TX, August 1996
03  Recorded by William Stace at Walls Have Ears, Milwaukee, WI
04  Recorded by Mike and AJ Mogis at Whoop Ass Studios, Lincoln, NE
05  Recorded by Lindsay Parker at Time Capsule Studios, Denver, CO
06  Recorded by Steve Heritage at Morrisound Studios
07  Recorded by Dave Trumfio at Kingsize, Chicago, IL
08  Recorded by Tom Tatman and Prozac Memory at Catamount Recording, Cedar Falls, IA
09  Recorded by Eric Stenman at Enharmonic Studios, Sacramento, CA
10  Recorded by Tim Harmon at Spectre Studios, New Castle, WA
11  Recorded and balance engineered by Chris Colbert for Efffanel Music at Effanel Studios, New York, NY
12  Recorded by Jamal in Tempe, AZ
13  Recorded live at KXLU, Los Angeles, CA
14  Recorded by Jerry kee at DuckKee Studios in December '95
15  Recorded live at KXLU, Los Angeles, CA
16  Recorded by Charles Jamison & John Chriest ("the team behind your favorite record") at Socal Services Recording Studio, Baltimore, MD
17  Recorded by Brad Whitaker at Egoless Recordings, Lawrence, KS
A classic compilation - a "must-have" for anybody - whether you're an indie music fan or just a plan rock music lover. It's a Who's Who of indie rock: The Promise Ring, Fireside, Silver Scooter, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Water Music, Christie Front Drive, Boys Life, Grander, Vitreous Humor, Prozac Memory, Knapsack, Roadside Monument, Mineral, Seven Storey Mountain, UNI-V, Ethel Meserve and Uncrush.
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2 x LP