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Enhanced CD (crc036)
Released: May 2001

01  Love Is Happinesslisten[real audio]
02  You Make Me Nervous
03  Lostlisten[mp3]
04  Enemies In High Places
05  In Lieu
06  Feed A Cat To Your Cobralisten[mp3]
07  Faithless
08  Please Fire Me
09  Keep Your Eyes Peeled
10  Best 2 Out Of 3
11  The Rape Of The Holy Motherlisten[real audio]
12  SPMC
Additional track:  Feed A Cat To Your Cobra (video)

Recorded by Mark Trombino at Rotund Rascal, Hollywood - Fall 2000.
Recorded by Alex Newport at Messenger's Studio, Hollywood, Winter 2000.

The debut by Los Angeles’ THE ICARUS LINE. For those unfamiliar with their brand of noise, The Icarus Line play some of the most hard-hitting, freakout, panic rock you've ever heard. Take Born Against, The Jesus Lizard, The Stooges and The Who, filter it through a paranoid structure, crank! and churn -- and you’ve got THE ICARUS LINE.
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