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THE GLORIA RECORD: self titled Ep
LP / Cdep (crc025) [CD ONLY, VINYL OUT OF PRINT]
Released: November 1998

01  Ozona & Sonora
02  Grace, The Snow Is Herelisten[real audio]
03  Torch Yourself
04  Ode To New Grass
05  Grain Towes & Telephone Poles
06  Sonora & Ozona

Recorded at Loma Ranch Recording Studios in Fredricksburg, TX during the winter of 1998.

A really beautiful record that's detailed with delicate intricacies that you'll miss the first time around. But need not fear, because there is no way you can only listen to this record only once. It's equally as intriguing to the melodic song loving fan as it is to the technical musician. The perfect soundtrack for long drive with a beautiful sunset or for just hanging around.
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