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It all starts on earth, in a suburb of Skelleftea to be more precise, in the fall of 1997.

The two original members Dan Larsson, vocals (and in the beginning bass) and Mohammed Khan, drums, had been playing together in different constellations since they were nine.

They were mostly playing covers, from various genres, for fun, but when they started Jupither they decided to write their own songs.

They gathered up two guitar players, Olov Nilzen and Christopher Falkman and from there things happened very fast.Just a couple of months later they won a band competition arranged by the local paper. They blew all the other competitors away with their energetic performance and highly developed showmanship.

The prize was the recording of an EP on SPEECH,one of A West Side Fabrications subsidiary labels.That's how "It's Planetary" came about. It was recorded during three weeks in Rumble Roads studios in Skelleftea. This Mini-CD was released in the spring of 1998. The CD contained six songs.

Since then Jupither has recruited yet another member, Nicolas Nuzzaci, who has relieved Dan of his bass duties so he can focus on singing and on jumping around on stage, putting on a good show. And after that, again it was some changes in the lineup, Olov and Nico swiched instuments.

On February 2, 2000 sadly Christofer Falkman left the band, to concentrate on his studies and an new guitar player Henrik Andersson joined the band. A West Side Fabrication has made a deal with the L.A based label crank! and the CDep "It's Planetary" will be relased in the U.S and the rest of the world.

A full-length album is in the making, and the three singles "Star", "Spit" and "Hero" was all released in the second half of 1999.

(Written by Victoria Larsson)


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Cdep (crank! a record company - crc034 - 2001)


"Star" - CD single
"Spit" - CD single
"Falling" - CD single
"Baby" - CD single

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jupither are:
Funky Dan - vocals
Nico Nuzzaci - guitar
Henrik Andersson - guitar
Tomas Hornqvist - bass
Mohamed Khan - drums

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