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They met at a coffeehouse in 1993 while living in a suburb of Washington DC (sources say it's Richmond, VA). The five guys started playing music together and decided to move to Boston in 1994.

Two years ago, the band members pooled their resources in order to record and release their debut LP, "Tragedy". They pressed five hundred copies and started selling them at shows, to friends and to whomever wanted one. Word of mouth spread quickly and soon a few Boston-area stations started playing the record. A little while later, crank!, was introduced to the album and became intrigued by the music; intrigued enough to sign the band and re-release "Tragedy".

Sonically, The Vehicle Birth is a mesh of five separate personalities in which punk aggressiveness clashes with pop sensibility in a melodically artful union. It's music with a personality, bred from five hidden personalities in which seemingly distant influences somehow make sense together. This is not a new concept. Creating a challenging piece of music is the fascinating process.

After all those years together, TVB sadlycalled it quits in April 1999 during their second US tour, in Portland, OR.

Tim has moved to Los Angeles (Silverlake to be exact) and formed a new band called The Movies. They already have quite a faithful following in town... Don't miss a chance to go see them live it's an experience you won't forget. Chris is also in a band called Cracktorch. They seem to be all the hype in Boston. They even got nominated for SIX Boston Music Awards!!! Rock n' roll baby! Rock n' roll!


crank! ROCKS:
LP/CD (crank! a record company - crc019 - 1998)

Limousine b/w Zero Work, Amsterdam
7 inch (Lit Records)

split 7 inch (Doom Nibbler Records)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "They Came From Massachusetts"
CD (Big Wheel Recreation)

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the vehicle birth are:
Leigh Thompson - guitar
John Stephens - bass
Christopher Jackson - guitar
Jeffrey Galusha - drums
Timothy James - vocals/guitar

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