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"I'm Calm Now"
from their upcoming album "Ascend To The Stars" (in stores June 3)!!
[3.8MB mp3]

"Goooooooodamn this band moves me…[Last Days of April] know exactly which notes to play in order to make you fall to your knees. Personally, it's almost impossible for me to listen to this band without getting that "butterflies" in the stomach, barrel of vinegar in the chest feeling, and I'm not the squeamish type." - Timothy Den Lollipop

"…Last Days of April derive their personality from the very depths of the soul, and bare the emotional scars with unbridled passion and uncompromising honesty." - Michael Farr

"This band has a keen understanding of how to make unique music built around pure emotion and excellent musicianship. What more could you ask for?"
- Modern Fix


Last Days Of April's Karl Larsson has a tremendous ability to conjure up breathtaking melodies, formulate hook-filled pop songs and still maintain an innovative, unique style that virtually defies comparison. By virtue of Larsson's immense musical talent, Last Days Of April play glorious, heartfelt synth/guitar pop, wriggling with gorgeous melodies that snuggle up inside your soul. It is garage-pop with a makeover. Imagine the beautiful love-child of The Hives and The Cardigans, lightly bathed in a kind of melancholic Americana, that bands such as Grandaddy, Mercury Rev and Wheat have patented, and sprinkle it with the young Brian Wilson's sonic sparkle. This is what makes Last Days Of April special.

Ascend To The Stars is the band's fourth release and second full-length in the U.S. The title may very well be an omen of the band's bright future - in fact, in less than eight weeks, European sales alone surpassed the worldwide sales of the band's previous album.

Not surprisingly, Last Days Of April has received critical praise worldwide and has developed a rise in the United States indie scene. They will not disappoint. In a word, they are amazing. Brilliant songs, introspective lyrics, dynamic instrumentation and an undeniable passion set Last Days Of April apart from their peers.


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last days of april are:
Karl Larsson - Vocals & Guitars
Andreas Förnell - Drums
Oskar Ekman - Bass
Fredrik Hermansson - Hammond/Keyboards