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The Gloria Record
"Tired and Uninspired"
from A Lull in Traffic EP
[4.8MB mp3]
Lyrics from THE GLORIA RECORD'S self titled EP:

GRACE, THE SNOW IS HERE. Drove home to that achingly long song: The one that moves so slow, it makes you wonder if you're ever going to hear the next note-- the way that feet moved slow through Denver December snow, past cars that got stuck in the road (that winter when I asked what a fourteen year old boy could possibly know about forever, and you told me a lot).

TORCH YOURSELF. This town has no seasons-- it's the middle of October, and you'd think there'd be a nice, cool breeze by now (but you'd be wrong). The summer lingers here for half of the year-- and I'm convinced that we are all about to crash into the sun. I fell asleep on paper wings. These people have no feelings-- their heads are the only things that ever teach them anything about love. And I'm not sad, I just want to trust someone so badly. I just want something beautiful to happen here right now. I fell asleep on paper wings. These words have no manners-- they come to me at night when I am trying to sleep (and shake me violently, like it's the end of the world or something). And I wake up on paper wings.

There are songs to be sung, and pages to be filled with memories. There are roads to be traveled in places I have never seen. There are postcards to send, and so much beauty just to take in. There are dreams to be chased, and friends to be held more dearly. There is love to be seen more clearly. There are fears to be faced, and tremblings to understand. There are new days to brave, and all this foolish pride to lay down in your hands.

GRAIN TOWERS, TELEPHONE POLES. Hallelujah!-- the sun is in my eyes, on my face. The air is hot with heaviness, and weighted and waiting for something to unfold. Hallelujah!-the sun is on our backs at last. It's been a long day driving past grain towers, telephone poles-- and have you ever seen so beautiful a sight, as the way the sun lays down without a fight? Sometimes, I get lost in here (and it takes a while to find me).


(AND IS IT EVER). The snow is here (and is it ever grand). The way it falls all around you, and shows you where you stand-- and what it's about. The snow is here (and it means business, man). It means to wash this whole damn sorry day away; to slow this city down (and is it ever beautiful).


A LULL IN TRAFFIC. Just lonely, baby--doesn't mean I'm looking for a friend. I've got plenty, I'm still learning how to lay down my life for them. Don't want to find yourself alone at thirty-five, spending half what you make on your car (and hating that drive). Just crazy, maybe--doesn't mean I'm looking for a cure. I've got stability that scares you, 'cause it's hard to believe when you're so sure. No matter how different you are, you're just like everybody else. No matter how hard you try and fit in, there is no one like you. You will find you spend a good deal of your life, sitting at red lights.

THE ARCTIC CAT. Elisabeth, if you get old, may you never know the terror of these nights. In all of the uncertainties, well certainly you will be loved, and lifted up--and never let to want of anything at all. Elisabeth, when you get home, they will read to you from books about your friend Madeline. In all of the uncertainties, well certainly you will be loved, and lifted up--and never let to want of anything at all. Don't think you're safe, that cat is coming back again someday (to have his way with all of us)-- I'm afraid he does not make friends so easily. But you can sleep tonight, and dream about the rest of your life...

TIRED AND UNINSPIRED. I shouldn't be hard to find...I'll be the one with my big mouth moving; my big words, saying nothing. I hope you know it's not my father's fault I'm such a bore, and so afraid of everything. I'm keeping inside; living in my mind; hoping that the telephone don't ring-- with, "It's all right... pain is universal, baby"--and worrying about what I'm going to sing. I'm staying in, and saving up my energy. I know my day is coming. And when I find it, I will rewind it (and play it over again a hundred times). And when I hear it, I will not fear it-- I will say it back again, and say, "I'm fine." ("Relief!..." "Relief!...") "I'm fine."

MISERERE. A disconcerting way to wake: to find everything in place--the world goes on without my faith in anything--to have to drag myself from bed, pull a sweater over my head (somehow find a way to brave the sun again). And all of this just as I was beginning to have the most amazing dream. They rolled the stones away and let everyone come right in and say hello to me. They picked me up and held me there and smiled at my crumpled wings. And all of this just as I was beginning to have the most amazing dream. And when you go to sleep at night, don't you ever feel the weight of all the things that make you happy; that float around you, pull you down? And don't you ever want to stand up on the waves and run?

A BYE. Sing me to sleep underneath a blanket of stars tonight, where all my hopes and fears look childish in the light.

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