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The Get Set
"best friend (i was about to be)"
from Down Marriott Lane!
[2.3MB mp3]

Formed in early 2001, the get set is based in Los Angeles, California. The group is comprised of four members, led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Rob Goraieb. Rob's musical influences run down many roads, from soul to punk to rock to r&b, with a few side-trips in the middle. Like many a pop songwriter, the foundation for Rob's inspiration lies in the Beatles. But to say the influence ends there would do a severe injustice to the get set songs. Early punk bands like The Clash, X, and Sex Pistols, fueled the fire that brought him into the mod scene. Paul Weller's Jam was the key that opened up that door. However, to truly understand Rob and the get set, you have to take those punk, pop and mod influences, and layer on sounds from the likes of The Who, The Kinks, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield and Elvis Costello.

Rounding out the get set set-up are Mark Powell, the man behind the drums (and the get set's guy behind the guy), Chris Diede (keyboard, background vocals) and Gerry Valvona (bass, background vocals).

the get set is, without a doubt, a pop-rock group. By no means unoriginal or uninspired, the group's love for r&b, northern soul and sixties rock is mixed with a profound sensibility for pop songwriting, and the result can be felt in their attitude, music, look, and live show. The band's debut full-length cd, "Down Marriott Lane!" (crank!) is an outstanding debut for the talents of the get set.

crank! ROCKS:
"Down Marriott Lane!"
CD (crank! a record company - crc037 - January 8, 2002)

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the get set are:
Rob Goraieb - vocals, guitar
Mark Powell - drums
Chris Diede - keyboard, background vocals
Gerry Valvona - bass, background vocals