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from Hello Kids
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"When we first started out, we told Frans that we were a metal band. You know, like Dio. Somehow he fell for it but no one really understood what we were doing at the time, saying that we were a metal band."

"We got Jocke [Wallstršm, head of West Side Fabrications] drunk at a party during TrŠstocks-festivals and then we played him our tape. He signed us on the spot even though the only thing he could hear was feedback. After that everything went ballistic... We were signed, recorded the 'Softboy EP' and West Side released it within a month." A small step for mankind but a giant leap for a band that had lured their bass player into the rehearsal studio with the magic words "Heavy Metal".

The collective songwriting talent put through the razor-sharp production of Pelle Gunnerfelt and the endless hours spent in their rehearsal room come studio were finally paying off. The band never missed a pace even though replacement drummer Per Nordmark was barely audible during his first rehearsals with the band. "He'd [Per] start playing and we wouldn't even notice it. He's learned now though."

Endless touring followed suit, months and months spent in vans that would break down, wear out, and finally fall apart. And in the midst of it all, the EP "Left Rustle". Three-minute-wonders recorded between the fall shows and the winter holidays of 95.

The success of "Kilotin" and "Left Rustle" had turned Firesides indie obscurity into mainstream luminescence that sent ripples shivering across the Atlantic. Rick Rubin at American Recordings was in awe. Deeply in love with the band he released the album "Do Not Tailgate" stateside and got Fireside onto the Lollapolooza bill as the ONLY European act.

"That tour was a mess". "After Lollapolooza we came back to Sweden exhausted, only to find out that there was no money left for our European tour, Fredrik tried in vain to cheer us up by emphasizing that the new single was out, but we were just too far gone to even notice."

"Uomini d'onore", the quartets third album in just four years, picked up the shattered souls and healed the wounds of those still bleeding leading way to the beautifully sleeved "Let Rasputin Do It". And though the angular rhythms shift at the most awkward of times the melody never loosens its grip on the listener. Waves of emotion pouring like molten lava from a reborn volcano, as if Mount St. Helen exloded time and time again. And still we stand amazed at the display of the fireworks.

--- by Pelle, Kristofer and Frans.

"Uomini D'Onore" came out in the US on crank! in 1998. crank! also re-released "Fantastic Four" and "Hello Kids" came out on October 3, 2000. FIRESIDE just finished recording their new record, "Elite". Stay tuned for a US release date.

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fireside are:
Pelle Gunnerfeldt - guitar
Kristofer Astrom - vocals/guitar
Frans Johansson - bass
Per Nordmark - drums

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